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Apple Specialist. advice, maintenance, installation.

A simple, playful and human approach.

better understand your software and hardware.


Apple Specialist - Hardware & Software.

Repair Is Noble offers personalized support for repair, advice, maintenance, installation or private lessons. All Apple devices are taken into account. From the oldest to the newest: MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac and all iDevices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Assistance can be made by appointment, at home or by remote intervention.

A simple, playful and human approach.

Consumers & smal businesses.

Repair Is Noble is an independent service specializing in all Apple products.

Repair Is Noble is here to help you better understand, repair and update your computers and iDevices. The philosophy and ethics of Repair Is Noble is based on recycling. Whenever possible, Repair Is Noble prefers fixing an existing machine, however old, than to encourage you buying a new one. Repair Is Noble will also help you better understand your software and hardware.


Computer repair

iDevices repair

Appliance maintenance

Private lessons

Data recovery

Customized support