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Repair Is Noble offers you these areas of expertise:


You are experiencing difficulties with software installation?  Your computer / iDevice is not turning on or is performing erratically? You are having trouble connecting your machines to an on-line network? You are trying to update your OS / IOS or having email issues?


Your internal hard-drive is not responding as it should? Your iPhone touchscreen is broken? You want to add RAM, a hard drive, a DVD player to your machine? You are having difficulties installing/connecting your sound card, printer, scanner or camera?


Do you need help learning Pro Tools, Adobe, Logic, Ableton? In addition to Repair Is Noble’s teaching of popular software, iCloud and synching of your various devices & iDevices.

Repair Is Noble is also specialized in music and sound engineering software.


Repair Is Noble is able to support ‘Hackintosh’ systems and advise as to the choice and purchase of custom parts, their assembly and the installing of the software you need.

Prices & estimates :

Repair Is Noble provides you with free estimates and unique package rates. Prices are variable and tailored to your needs.

It is my pleasure and pride to efficiently assist you. See you very soon!